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I'm Kagan Guney,

I am continuing my doctoral studies in the Department of Business Administration, Organizational Behavior. I am working as a PhD student in the project.

My story

Working as an Organizational Psychology Specialist, Kağan Güney received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Istanbul Bilim University and graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, Organizational Psychology Master's Program in 2020. His master's thesis titled "Perceived Organizational Trauma Risk and Its Effect on Employee Well-Being" was completed by Assoc. Dr. He completed it under the consultancy of İdil Işık. Throughout his business life, he has worked in different roles in organizations and projects. He undertook the roles of content development and trainer in the "Come Easy" project of Istanbul Bilgi University, aimed at effective communication in the working environment.  Worked as a volunteer expert in the project titled “Flexible Work Management System Development Project: Standards and Practices Supporting Business Continuity and Employee Psychological Well-Being.” 

Within his academic interests; There are topics such as "organizational behavior", "flexible work", "organizational traumas", "qualitative and quantitative data analysis", "psychosocial risks", "work stress", "employee relations" and "work environment". Currently, she is continuing her doctoral studies in Yıldız Technical University, Department of Business Administration, Organizational Behavior. In addition, Istanbul Bilgi University co-financed; He worked as an instructor in the "Capacity Building of Occupational Physicians Project for the Evaluation and Prevention of Psychosocial Risks of Employees in the Mining Industry", which was developed within the scope of financial cooperation between Turkey and the European Union.

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