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Guide to Psychosocial Safety in Sports

Psychosocial risks in the field of sports can be considered as all situations and negative situations that prevent or violate the biological, psychological and social balance that can be prevented, adjusted or improved through economy, education and health.

The main question that allowed us to set out in our project is “Can the psychosocial risks of athletes be reduced by creating psychosocially safe conditions in the field of sports?” has been. One of the answers to this question in the literature and in the field of organizational psychology is system approach and psychosocial risk management. Leka et al., who pioneered the ISO 45003 guideline on psychosocial risks in the workplace. (2008) provides a conceptual framework for the management of psychosocial risks. This framework is, of course, a set of systematic and sustainable practices that begin with risk analysis and continue with the implementation of actions to control sources of danger, as in other areas of occupational health and safety.

In the field of sports, we plan to find the answer to this question as a result of our research. The “Psychosocial Safety in Sports” project aims to develop a guide that can be used by athletes, coaches and sports organizations with an interdisciplinary perspective and mixed research methodology, starting from the theoretical background.

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