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The Project on
Psychosocial Safety at Sports:
Modeling the Determinants of Psychological Health in Elite Sports

This project is funded by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK).

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Psychosocial Safety in Sports

Psychosocial safety in business life describes the positive, constructive and humane working conditions created by protective, preventive and empowering practices that ensure the psychological well-being and health of employees.


Psychosocial safety covers all these elements and the interaction between them, including the content of the job, its design, social factors in the work environment, interpersonal relationships and the emotional effects caused by the physical conditions of the job.

Today, sports are not only based on physical health, entertainment and individual competition, but have become an area where nations compete with each other and athletes acquire professional professions. As in every organization in every sector, one of the important goals of athletes and sports organizations in the field of sports is to be successful.

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