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Psychosocial Safety in Sports

Today, sports have ceased to be based on physical health, entertainment or individual competition, but have become an area where nations compete with each other and where athletes acquire professional professions. 

As in all these sectors, increasing the motivation of the athletes in the field of sports, protecting their health, analyzing their needs and trying to provide them will ensure the success of both the athlete and the institution and will also bring prestige to the country. In this context, athletes, like any employee, may have to cope with more stress than they can handle on their own, which may arise from sports, working conditions, relations in the social environment, organizational culture and management approaches. These elements are considered as psychosocial risks.

The Psychosocial Safety in Sports Project aims to investigate what kind of practices are used to ensure the psychosocial safety of athletes, and that athletes, coaches and sports organizations benefit from this information.

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Psychosocial Safety in Sports: Modeling the Determinants of Psychological Health in Elite Sports

It is funded by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and run by Istanbul Bilgi University.

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